Independent Rehab Consultants

Independent Rehab Consultants is a Minneapolis based QRC firm

We are dedicated to helping injured workers, employers and insurers navigate the workers compensation system throughout the State of Minnesota.

  • What is a QRC?

    QRC stands for Qualified Rehabilitation Consultant. It is the right of an injured worker in Minnesota to have a QRC.

  • How do I get a QRC?

    Injured workers in Minnesota are by rights allowed a consultation with a QRC.

  • What is the cost?

    If you are found eligible for Vocational Rehabilitation Services the cost to the injured worker is free. Again, it is the right of an eligible injured worker to have QRC services.

  • What does a QRC do?

    We are here to assist you in your workers compensation claim. We provide medical assistance in planning your care and treatment, job accommodations to help you stay employed, job development and placement if you are unable to go back to your current job, and retraining to help you find a new career.

  • Medical Assistance?

    We can attend your doctor's appointments with you to ensure that you understand the treatment and options that are available to you. We assist in scheduling your appointments whether it be for a doctor's recheck or extensive physical therapy. We help you each step of the process to assist by speaking with the workers compensation adjuster for approval of medical treatment as well.

  • Job Accommodations?

    We are trained in work place modifications and ergonomic work stations allowing you to work with your injury in a capacity that reduces risk of re-injury or work with your injury in another position.

  • Job Development and Placement?

    Here at Independent Rehab Consultants we offer you assistance in job search such as interview training, resume building, job search resources and planning your vocational future.

  • Retraining?

    If you are unable to return to the position you held at the time of injury and have been unable to find another job, we can help you by planning a course of study at a college, a university, or a vocational institution. This will help you find meaningful employment that accomodates your physical abilities, and return you to the economic capacity that you enjoyed prior to your injury.